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3 reasons why waiting for AI adoption is costly for RCM: Fathom featured in HIT Consultant

Andrew Lockhart
June 15, 2023

Founded in 2012, HIT Consultant is a leading source of healthcare technology news, analysis and insights for healthcare executives, physicians and providers. Its content provides editorial insights on health IT, EHRs, population health management, digital health, telehealth, accountable care, patient engagement, and startups.

Fathom's CEO Andrew Lockhart, highlights the most important reasons why healthcare executives need to embrace AI in RCM sooner rather than later.

" ...leading AI vendors are fully and accurately automating coding for 80% or more of a provider’s encounters. These results translate directly into cost savings, reduced denials, improved revenue capture, accelerated time to cash in hand, and other benefits. Despite these clear upsides, many provider organizations are not moving fast enough to bring AI into their revenue cycle operations. This is a costly mistake."

Read the full article from HIT Consultant.

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