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6 essential criteria for making confident AI vendor decisions: Fathom featured in Healthcare IT Today

Austin Ward
June 4, 2024

Healthcare IT Today is a multi-channel healthcare media outlet. For 18 years, it has reported on the latest news and innovations in health IT to provide its audience with actionable insights to move their organizations forward.

In a new article for Healthcare IT Today, the Fathom team demystifies the AI procurement process by detailing six essential criteria: automation rate, accuracy, system compatibility, configurability, scalability, and vendor support.

"Strong AI solutions support a growing scope of work without compromising performance or necessitating significant system overhauls. To ensure a technology can meet current and future needs, organizations need to validate the breadth of its capabilities. This involves understanding the solution’s current capabilities as well as the product roadmap, including what features are coming and their alignment with the organization’s evolving requirements."

Read the full article from Healthcare IT Today.

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