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7 ways coding automation is vital to capturing reimbursement: Fathom featured in Physicians Practice

Austin Ward
September 20, 2023

Since 1989, Physicians Practice has been a leading, nationally recognized practice management resource.

Coding staff shortages, chart backlogs, and guideline changes often lead to denied claims and revenue leakage. The Fathom team breaks down the seven concrete ways coding automation is crucial for medical reimbursement, and how your coding burden can become a thing of the past.

"The latest coding automation technology, based on deep learning AI, has revolutionized the physician coding process. I get it, this statement sounds hard to believe. The best way to illustrate the impact of AI coding is to look at how another groundbreaking technology transformed the way we live. It’s a commonplace item you likely have in your home: the washing machine. Though this metaphor may sound a bit unusual, bear with me and you’ll soon see the connection."

Read the full article from Physicians Practice.

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