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AI is the prescription to healthcare troubles: Fathom featured in HIStalk

Andrew Lockhart
December 13, 2023

HIStalk covers all things digital health, written for (and by) industry experts. Their coverage is comprehensive, insightful, and always up to date.

AI has enormous potential to transform the healthcare landscape. In this piece, Fathom's CEO, Andrew Lockhart, explores the crucial ways AI can improve healthcare services and why C-level professionals need to prioritize AI in future strategies.

"As staffing shortages become increasingly prevalent, AI offers a scalable solution to address gaps in critical areas. AI provides a lifeline to stressed-out staff by reducing admin burdens and automating repetitive tasks. It frees up precious time for clinical and administrative staff to upskill and operate at the top of their license, maximizing the potential of the entire workforce."

Read the full article from HIStalk.

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