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Everything you need to know about the CMS-HCC-V28 changes and how AI helps: Fathom featured in BC Advantage

Taylor (Ross) Webster
March 19, 2024

BC Advantage is the largest independent resource provider in the industry for Medical Coders, Medical Billers, Healthcare Auditors, Practice Managers, Compliance Officers, and Documentation Experts.

Dealing with guideline changes, whether for risk adjustment or other types of coding, is often the ideal time to bring in AI. Fathom's Head of Coding Quality, Taylor (Ross) Webster (CPC, CCS), explores how autonomous coding makes adapting to CMS-HCC-V28 updates more efficient and gives your coding team space to breathe as they get up to speed with the new guidelines.

"Coding guideline changes take a lot of work and can drag any healthcare practice down and hurt staff morale. Working with AI can remove that burden and give healthcare organizations a head start. The reduced workload empowers staff to devote themselves to high-value tasks and progress on vital initiatives, instead of being bogged down with complex coding updates...AI is changing the medical coding game, not just for CMS-HCC-V28, but for all guideline updates in the years ahead."

Read the full article from BC Advantage.

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