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Five critical comparisons to evaluate AI in RCM: Fathom featured in BC Advantage

Austin Ward
June 1, 2024

BC Advantage is the largest independent resource provider in the industry for Medical Coders, Medical Billers, Healthcare Auditors, Practice Managers, Compliance Officers, and Documentation Experts.

As AI gains traction in healthcare, healthcare leaders must navigate technical assessments and vendor evaluations to determine the best partner for their billing and coding needs. In this article, the Fathom team outlines the importance of defining clear goals and challenges upfront to maximize AI impact and the five critical performance dimensions to look for.

"While vendors often boast impressive ROI figures, it's prudent for leaders to validate these claims for their unique context. Any vendor worth its salt will agree to a proof of concept to demonstrate capabilities and ROI before the provider has to commit, so probe hard on try-before-you-buy options with AI tools."

Read the full article from BC Advantage.

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