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Growing with Fathom: Gerard Hampton

Gerard Hampton
May 7, 2024

From time to time, Fathom invites team members to reflect on their journey with Fathom. In this blog, Gerard Hampton, VP of Client Success and Strategy, shares the story of his experience at Fathom and how healthcare has guided his career, from education to profession. 

Healthcare is in my blood.

My mother works for Aetna, my brother is a practicing physician, and my sister works for Cigna.

Growing up surrounded by healthcare practitioners greatly influenced me, and the entirety of my background and education is in healthcare. I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a bachelor's degree in public health and a master's in mental health.

My first official taste of healthcare outside of formal education was working as a consultant for the Lewin Group, United Healthcare's federal consulting arm, where I worked on a project for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) focusing on transformative care models. This experience really hammered home the importance of healthcare and its role in shaping individual well-being.

Leading the charge with healthcare

Before Fathom, I worked for a hospitality company called GoTab, which aimed to revolutionize the dining experience through technology and allow guests to order from their phones. I was the VP of Operations at GoTab, overseeing the onboarding, account management, and support teams.

I've always been drawn to concepts that can improve operations. I joined Fathom because it's developing revolutionary technology to disrupt and fundamentally alter an industry's operations. 

I've worked at Fathom as the VP of Customer Success since May 2022 (almost two years!). Fathom is exciting because our product removes the administrative burden from the medical process, freeing up time for physicians to focus on care. The medical coding industry has long been stuck on "sort of" solutions, such as CAC tools that still require manual intervention, and Fathom is changing that.

Innovate, collaborate, elevate

Fathom's mission is to alleviate the administrative burden of medical coding by using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Since joining the company in early 2022, I have seen first-hand how our product is an absolute game-changer and directly impacts clients' operational workflows, which is incredible to witness in real-time. I wholeheartedly believe that Fathom will dominate the medical coding field. Observing our product change how our clients operate at a fundamental level and hearing the positive feedback from our partner physicians only makes me more excited to be involved in this healthcare revolution.

Apart from helping our clients, my other favorite part about working at Fathom is my colleagues. I have never collaborated with a smarter or more dedicated group of individuals in my career, and I learn from them every day. We also have a ton of fun together. One of my favorite memories is the San Francisco off-site in early 2023. Our team went to a magic show that dazzled everyone — I still can't figure out how the magician pulled those tricks off!

The endless learning and growth opportunities here continue to excite me every day, and I feel extremely lucky to work with people who inspire and challenge me.

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