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Growing with Fathom: Nikhil Mehta

Nikhil Mehta
February 5, 2024

From time to time, Fathom invites teammates to reflect on their journey with Fathom. In this blog, Nikhil Mehta, Software Engineer, shares the story of his experience at Fathom and the thrill of making a difference in the world of healthcare.

What's important to me in a job is having ownership over my work, exposure to diverse technical areas, and many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

That's how I found Fathom.

Before joining, I was based in sunny Los Angeles, working at Beats by Dre. Working at a larger company helped me realize I wanted a smaller, fast-paced environment where I had autonomy, and I was eager to branch out into a software role in the ML space. I was also interested in the healthcare space and wanted exposure to a broad range of technical areas.

I've been at Fathom for two years now. As a software engineer, I'm lucky enough to work alongside super-talented engineers who are passionate about their work and from whom I learn something new daily. Working together is also a ton of fun - we had an engineering hackathon where we got to think outside the box, roll up our sleeves, and get super creative. Our team encourages a high level of collaboration, which allows us to solve challenging problems quickly and efficiently. That spirit translates to non-office hours as well. Last year we had several team outings, including my favorite, a team bowling event.

A rewarding path

When I was in college, I participated in a business plan competition where we came up with business proposals with the goal of helping to integrate people with disabilities. That was my first foray into the world of healthcare innovation – and more specifically how much technical and business opportunity it holds.

Healthcare is an industry that is constantly in flux and is subject to constant guidelines and regulatory changes. It keeps you on your toes and forces you to stay adaptable. A reflection of its industry, Fathom is fiercely committed to fostering continuous learning and growth. Any problems I encounter during work are also an opportunity to expand my skill set and improve at what I do, no matter how challenging.

We're hiring! I encourage any engineers who want to grow technically in breadth and depth to join Fathom - you'll meet some amazing people and learn more than you can imagine.

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