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Physicians and coding: Fathom featured in For The Record

Andrew Lockhart
January 30, 2024

For The Record is a trusted resource for industry professionals on the latest news and information that matters to HIM professionals and health care practitioners.

Fathom's CEO, Andrew Lockhart, explores why physicians are increasingly tasked with more coding responsibilities and how ongoing education and the right tools, like autonomous medical coding, can help alleviate the burden.

"The first and most obvious benefit is that AI [artificial intelligence] coding can take over coding work for physicians, which frees up more time for them to get some much-needed rest, spend more time with patients, and focus on more impactful tasks. Alleviating staff burnout aside, autonomous coding also significantly improves the quality and speed of the revenue cycle for practices, benefiting their financial standing."

Read the full article from For The Record.

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