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Unshackling medical practices through AI coding: Fathom featured in HealthData Management

Taylor (Ross) Webster
September 21, 2023

HealthData Management exists to create knowledge efficiency and clarity by providing evidence-based, solution-focused content on a single trusted platform, intended to help healthcare stakeholders make informed decisions around operational and clinical initiatives.

Fathom's Head of Coding Quality, Taylor (Ross) Webster (CPC, CCS) dives into how to navigate recent evaluation and management coding updates with automation to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and combat physician burnout.

"Coding automation helps to minimize physicians’ time spent on the coding process. Instead of stressing over selecting the correct EM code in the few minutes that physicians have between patients, AI completes this task based on the full clinical documentation...However, accuracy is essential. EM errors can cause denied claims that result in delays and time-consuming resubmissions, while incorrect leveling can leave deserved reimbursement dollars on the table. Coding automation helps resolve these problems."

Read the full article from HealthData Management.

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