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Unsure about AI? 5 steps to evaluate and implement it confidently: Fathom featured in Physicians Practice

Austin Ward
April 30, 2024

Since 1989, Physicians Practice has been a leading, nationally recognized practice management resource.

Although AI’s adoption is on the rise, there are lingering concerns about its efficacy and ROI. In this article, the Fathom team debunks common misconceptions about AI in healthcare and provides a roadmap to integrate AI into your practice successfully. 

"... AI enhances team productivity. This is particularly useful in healthcare, an industry that struggles with chronic work shortages across many functions ... For example, technology like autonomous medical coding takes on repetitive and time-consuming tasks to help free up medical coders’ time to work on higher-value activities. It also benefits physicians who are otherwise forced to take on coding duties and spend more time on administrative tasks."

Read the full article from Physicians Practice.

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