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Why I joined Fathom: Arielle Dyment

Arielle Dyment
March 20, 2023

From time to time, Fathom invites recent hires to share about their experience in deciding to join our team. In this blog, Arielle Dyment, Director of Events, tells the story of her decision to join Fathom and expand her passion for in-person events post-Covid.

There's nothing quite like the invisible, electric energy between people when they are attending a live event.

You can feel it in concerts, conferences, trade shows, dinners … pretty much anywhere people are gathering in groups for a common purpose. It's pure magic floating around in the air -- a mix of excitement and curiosity.

This magic is hands-down addicting for an experiential event planner like me. Nothing makes me happier than watching someone leave an event with a little more pep in their step and a little more magic in their eyes.

When I went to Villanova University in 2009, I majored in Marketing and International Business. I knew that I wanted to merge my passion for travel, people, and creativity in some sort of marketing fashion. But I didn't quite know how -- that is, until I attended my first conference as a sales associate for a startup I was working for in downtown D.C.

During this three-day event, I felt alive. I felt the magic. I looked at the event planner and thought, "I want her job" -- and the rest is history. I went back to school for event management at The George Washington University and dove in headfirst. For the past eight years, I've planned weddings, dinners, conferences, international business meetings, trade shows, and marathons all over the world, and had fun doing it! What has kept me motivated is my passion for creative experiences and watching people's energy change while they are in attendance.

Don't just make a dinner, a dinner. Always consider an attendee's five senses -- taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell -- and ask, "How am I going to make this event memorable?"

That's why I joined Fathom as Director of Events. Fathom has an incredible startup culture with enthusiastic, motivating, and supportive people. This is the perfect environment for an event manager to flourish and unleash creative ideas -- especially after the pandemic, as people are hungry to meet in-person and feel that magic they once did.

"Give the people what they want" (in a fun way!). That's exactly the event strategy I’m building with Fathom: A magical event lineup both internally with our team and externally with our clients. Fathom is going to push the boundaries of what to expect at conferences and events and help people experience the excitement of how we are changing the game with medical coding AI. We aren't just any company -- we are leaders, innovators, and creators -- and we are ready to meet all of you in-person in ways that are unique, exciting, and unconventional.

The sky is the limit. Don't be surprised if you see Fathom show up in an unpredictable way at one of the events we are attending, planning, or hosting (and make sure to say hello)! We're so excited to meet you and experience the magic together.

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