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Why I joined Fathom: Bailey Johnston

Bailey Johnston
February 17, 2023

From time to time, Fathom invites recent hires to share about their experience in deciding to join our team. In this blog, Bailey Johnston, Technical Recruiter, tells the story of her decision to join Fathom to apply her recruiting skills in a startup environment.

"The startup life isn't for everyone …"

We've all heard this phrase fly around. However, when I heard that, I immediately asked myself, Why? Is it the challenge of learning and building processes end to end? Is it the intense collaboration among the CEO, CTO, engineers, leads, and myself? Or is it the irreplaceable knowledge one could gain from working in a company of 45 people?

I continued to think about the pros and the very few cons of joining a startup. And, ultimately, I decided that this was the best next step for me in my career -- I would no longer be one of 80,000 employees!

In my next role, I knew feeling valued and making an impact were important. After doing some research on Fathom, I found myself truly excited to be able to make a difference in the healthcare sector. Chatting with a few team members and asking about their experiences only strengthened my good feelings about pursuing this role. 

I had the experience of working with two very large companies early on in my career. They helped me build the foundational skills I needed to succeed in the recruiting industry. Now that I'm working with Fathom, I'm excited to utilize those skills and further develop them in a new, startup environment. 

Moral of my story? Don't be afraid to take risks and work with that startup! You are going to be a part of something BIG. At the end of the day, I feel honored to say I have made a difference in the lives of those accessing and providing healthcare. What an amazing opportunity!

If you're an engineer looking to make a similar transition, please send me an email with a copy of your resume and the link to the role you are most interested in from Fathom's Careers page.

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