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Growing with Fathom: Taylor Webster

Taylor Webster
February 14, 2024

From time to time, Fathom invites teammates to reflect on their journey with Fathom. In this blog, Taylor Webster, Head of Coding Quality, shares the story of her experience at Fathom and how autonomous medical coding presents a huge opportunity to improve healthcare.

Before I began my Fathom journey, I worked in the healthcare practice of a consulting company. I specialized in coding and compliance consulting, which granted me the opportunity to work across a wide variety of healthcare settings and specialties to perform audits, provide recommendations for education and improvement, and assess risk. My passion for medical coding took off during my time there. I had fantastic colleagues who mentored me in the complexities and nuances of medical coding, and now I hold both the CPC from AAPC and CCS from AHIMA.

I joined Fathom in March of 2022. As the Head of Coding Quality/Product Manager at Fathom, I oversee autonomous coding verification and testing. To ensure coding quality and accuracy, I coordinate across different teams, including customer success, engineering, and product development.

My previous work experiences allowed me to see firsthand the need for a high-powered, efficient medical coding solution. When I came across Fathom, it seemed like the perfect place to continue my career and make a meaningful contribution to the future of medical coding.

The intricacies of medical coding

Medical coding is essential to the healthcare industry. It drives reimbursements for organizations. It's how doctors get paid fairly for the services they provide. It's how patient procedures and conditions are tracked across their health journey, from provider to provider.

When done manually, it's time-consuming and expensive. Add in the fact that guidelines change frequently, and you have the perfect ingredients for coding errors to happen. When mistakes occur, it can send negative ripples that flow down to the patient.

Incorrect coding leads to confusion, lost revenues, and wasted time battling and resolving denied claims or undergoing a payer audit. It also affects the patient experience. Have you ever received an incorrect bill from a medical provider at some point in your life and then spent a few frustrating hours on the phone trying to correct it? If you have, nine times out of 10, it was the fallout from incorrect coding.

Autonomous medical coding presents a huge opportunity to drive the future of healthcare and impact the organizations that we work with. Fathom is equipped to do just that.

The Fathom way

Even though work can get busy, logging on every day is easy because I'm lucky enough to work with passionate, driven, intelligent people who are genuinely excited to build and deliver a phenomenal product for our customers. My favorite memories and experiences are the ones where I could collaborate with my colleagues to educate others on Fathom's product and value. At a risk adjustment conference last year (RISE), I had the opportunity to co-host a roundtable with a Fathom colleague and speak about Fathom, which was amazing.

I am very fortunate to be in an environment where everyone is on the same team and working toward the same goal. I am continually impressed and inspired by my colleagues, and proud to work somewhere where we make a genuine difference for our clients.

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